TitanStar Properties was formed specifically to allow public investors the opportunity to participate in the unique, virtually unprecedented conditions that have resulted in US property values being negatively impacted by the credit contraction and liquidity crisis of 2008.

We feel this is an opportune time to invest in US real estate because:

  • Past turmoil creates opportunity and intelligent investors that are assisted by experienced professionals can create long-term appropriately leveraged capital appreciation in quality assets
  • Canadian capital is relatively more levered to a US recovery, especially when qualified properties can be bought and managed alongside partners with localized expertise and deal-flow in key markets
  • Canadian dollar denominated investments in US-based assets represent a potential currency appreciation opportunity over time
  • We currently have the deep market knowledge, relevant experience and established network of partner professionals to effectively source, secure and manage attractive properties for the benefit of shareholders
  • We feel the US real estate market represents attractive unrealized value that well-capitalized investors can exploit with a disciplined, intelligent and patient approach to managing related investments

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