As a strategy to manifest our philosophy and to fully exploit the capabilities and the inherent talents of TitanStar’s management and TitanStar’s partners, TitanStar will undertake:

To be scrupulously:

  • Diligent in acquiring a portfolio of quality and stabilized, well-positioned US-based assets
  • Creative in further developing, refurbishing, managing or re-selling acquired properties in a manner that enhances value and sustains long-term growth of our portfolio
  • Selective in pursuing opportunities in geographic areas where our established network of local partners, service professionals, “on-the-ground” management and deal-flow generation represents a competitive advantage to our shareholders.
  • Focused on markets where rents and pricing are stable but investment property is still considered a relatively undervalued or underperforming asset class
  • Opportunistic in buying properties where our competitive advantages can create value and enhance returns in circumstances that would otherwise be considered difficult
  • Prudent in qualifying investment properties that are currently; a) occupied by credit worthy, nationally recognized anchor tenants; b) underdeveloped relative to the potential increase in rent-rolls and/or resale values; and c) undeveloped with the potential to significantly increase underlying value by undertaking creative improvements, or holding them as part of a broader sustained recovery in related markets
  • Conservative in managing cash resources to ensure rents and sales proceeds are promptly distributed and to ensure we maintain sufficient working capital to exploit qualified investment opportunities quickly when they arise

   And to:

  • Build, with or without a partner acceptable to management, a portfolio of stabilized assets that produce a reasonably reliable cash flow that would be available for distribution to shareholders when a distribution policy is determined by the Board of Directors
  • Engage local companies to manage such properties
  • Finance the purchase of such assets using conservative financing assumptions, determined by management from time to time.

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