TitanStar Properties Inc. Announces
Expansion to its Investment Strategy

September 28, 2012. TitanStar Properties announces that it will expand upon its existing Investment Strategy with respect to real estate assets.

TitanStar’s existing Investment Strategy was to:

  • Create a portfolio of real estate assets in the United States where long term value is maximized through the acquisition of well-positioned, under-valued or under performing stabilized assets;
  • Create value through the further development of an under performing asset to hold for its rental income or to sell to a third party;
  • Be opportunistic in approach in viewing real estate assets for purchase. Invest and purchase where expertise can be maximized and where management can make a difference by creating value in difficult situations or in value-added refurbishment programs
  • Be selective and focused on purchasing assets in geographic areas where management has known infrastructure “on the ground”. This means that likely geographic areas include Nevada, Southern California, Oregon, Washington State, Arizona, Utah and Colorado;
  • Be selective and focused on purchasing assets that are for residential, commercial, retail or industrial uses
  • Use the combined contact base of management and its partners to purchase “stressed” assets from banks, private lenders and brokers prior to these assets being offered at auction or generally to the public;
  • Distribute cash received from the assets purchased when it is available and under conservative assumptions.
  • The Board of Directors has approved an amendment to this Investment Strategy by adding the following to objectives
  • Begin to build, with or without a partner acceptable to management, a portfolio of stabilized assets that produce a reasonably reliable cash flow that would be available for distribution to shareholders when a distribution policy is determined by the Board of Directors;
  • Engage local companies to manage such properties;
  • Finance the purchase of such assets using conservative financing assumptions, determined by management from time to time.

At this time, there can be no assurance or guarantee that TitanStar will be able to complete such objectives.